1. What materials are the shoes made of? 

Our shoes are made to last. All of our leather is Italian and Spanish, which means it comes from some of the finest tanneries in Europe! The inner layers as well as soles have been crafted out genuine calf skin that’s also incredibly soft with no fine grainage - this natural product has high elasticity for flexibility when needed most; resilience against wear-and tear through its durability properties.

2. Where are the shoes made? 

The shoes are hand-made by real artisans in Spain, some of whom have been doing this for over 40 years. It's not just any old shoe though; our excellence and tradition set us apart from all other competitors!

3. How are the shoes made?

All of our shoes are entirely handcrafted by the skilled cobblers in Spain. We follow every step from cutting each unique pattern, making it a thorough work that requires precision for success.

4. Once i make an order, is it too late to make changes or can i cancel it?

The handcrafting of your shoes begins couple of days after your order has been placed. If you wish to make changes or request to cancel, please get in touch with our team within 24-hours of your order being placed.

We can make changes to your order as long as that specific change is still within our reach. 

If you would like to cancel your order after it has already been delivered, simply follow the normal return process. 

5. Which payment methods can i use? 

We offer several payment options such as: Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal and Apple Pay. 

6. Do you accept international credit cards? 

Yes. Please note that the credit card must be issued and contain a logo from either Visa, Mastercard or American Express on it. 

The billing address must also match the address registered to the bank card. 

Any anomalies in this information can result in delays in processing your order as the information is checked with the fraud department, for your protection. 

7. What if i haven't received a copy of my invoice? 

Invoices for all orders are attached to the email order confirmation. 

If you have not received one or would like an additional copy, please contact us right away.