For Our Fast Production shoes which will be made to order in 1 week. Please select the style of shoe desired and order.

For Our Made to Order shoes, begin by selecting from our drop down menu under the "Shoes" Menu the style of shoe you would like to order as we have designed collections for every style, click on the Choose size & order button, once selected you will have the option to select your size or use our feetsizr app, refer to our feetsizr page for instructions on how to create your feet ID.

For fast production shoes go to the "design your own" section, you can select the style of shoe, whether you want a regular or hand-painted patina shoe and then our 3D configurator will open up and you can begin customizing your shoe. 

The best way to proceed through the designing process is to go through all the stages found in the bottom left of the screen, you can click on the arrows and you let your creativity unfold.

When you have completed one stage simply click on the “right” arrow to proceed to the next stage.

At any stage you can jump straight to a particular part of the item by simply clicking on that part of the image.

On most models you will also see the option of changing the sole bottom color you may choose and select the color of sole bottom of your choice along with the color of laces 

Once you are satisfied with the design created and would like to proceed with the order you will find in the top right corner “ORDER”

Verify all the specifications by confirming with a green check mark a final checklist prior to the order being confirmed and now you may proceed to the checkout screen.

You may select your size and width, we offer D (regular width) and EE (which is 9 mm wider).

If you are not sure of your size you can use Feetszr to get a personal 3D scan of both of your feet and have the correct 3D impression.

Once you have enter all your personal information and payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email with your order and you will periodically will get updates via email of your order status. All of our shoes are handmade and custom made-to-order MTO, allow 2 to 3 business days for the order to process and go into production. Your fast production shoes will be ready in 1 week, Regular MTO shoes take approximately 4 weeks.